The Daily Decrypt
The Daily Decrypt
January 19, 2024 - Ransomware Surge, Stream-Jacking 2.0, SEC Cyber Rules, New Ransomware Gangs
  1. Ransomware On the Rise: Delving into Veeam's Data Protection Trends Report 2024, we uncover the alarming increase in ransomware attacks, affecting 75% of organizations in 2023. A critical discussion for IT leaders and company executives on the need for enhanced security and disaster recovery strategies. Read more

  2. Stream-Jacking 2.0: A deep dive into the new cyber fraud technique where criminals use deep fake technology for cryptocurrency scams on YouTube. An important caution for viewers, content creators, and IT professionals about the rise of sophisticated digital deceptions.

  3. Legal Challenges in Cybersecurity: Examining the SEC’s new regulations requiring companies to report "material" security breaches within four days, and its impact on CISOs, corporate executives, and legal professionals. Read more

  4. Emergence of New Ransomware Gangs: Highlighting The Hacker News' report on three new ransomware groups shaping the future of digital extortion. Insights for IT professionals, average users, small business owners, and educators on staying vigilant in the face of these growing threats.

Join us as we explore these critical developments in the world of cybersecurity. Stay informed and stay secure with "The Daily Decrypt.


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