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The Daily Decrypt
Fake AI Image Generators, Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Hack, Cloudflare BGP Hijack

In today’s episode, we delve into the recent extortion attempt on Ticketmaster involving leaked Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets by ShinyHunters, and the subsequent response from Ticketmaster ( We also explore Cloudflare’s detailed analysis and mitigation actions related to a BGP hijacking incident affecting its DNS resolver service, ( Additionally, we examine the surge in infostealing malware posing as generative AI tools, specifically highlighting threats like GoldPickaxe and RedLine Stealer, with insights from ESET research (

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Thanks to Jered Jones for providing the music for this episode.

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Tags: Taylor Swift, Ticketmaster, hackers, Snowflake, Cloudflare, BGP hijacking, DNS resolver service, internet security, cybercriminals, AI tools, GoldPickaxe, Vidar, infostealing malware, concert tickets, data breach

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