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Russian AI Disinformation, ViperSoftX eBook Malware, EstateRansomware Exploits Veeam

In today’s episode, we delve into how AI-enhanced software Meliorator was used to spread Russian disinformation on X (formerly Twitter), as detailed by the US Justice Department (DoJ). We also discuss the ViperSoftX malware disguising as eBooks on torrents, uncovered by Trellix security researchers, and examine how the new EstateRansomware group exploited a Veeam Backup Software vulnerability to launch attacks. Lastly, we cover Check Point and Morphisec’s findings on zero-day vulnerabilities CVE-2024-38112 and CVE-2024-38021, and the urgency of applying Microsoft’s recent patches.

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Tags: Russian disinformation, AI-enhanced software, Meliorator, social media bot farms, US Justice Department, domain seizure, digital army, fake personas, propaganda, ViperSoftX, malware, eBooks, torrent sites, Common Language Runtime, AutoIt, PowerShell commands, EstateRansomware, Veeam Backup & Replication, FortiGate firewall, vulnerability, ransomware attack, Check Point Research, Windows, CVE-2024-38112, Microsoft, patch, remote code execution, deceptive .url files, cyber threats.

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  1. I’m wondering if the people on the side against dis/misinformation could create bots to sic on the bad bots and just overwhelm them with cat videos. Just thinking….

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